Starting this blog.

I always procrastinate when it comes to writing. Sometimes I get this wild hair up my ass and feel so exhilarated and inspired to write. The more I procrastinate the more intense my doubts become, eventually overwhelming me to defeat. I want to work on this. I want to overcome my fear of not being a good enough writer. I have done mostly only journaling since I was 13. Now I know that some people would say “That’s not writing” but I want to work past that and move forward with my writing. I don’t know where to start.


5 comments on “Starting this blog.

  1. Hey, I am new in writing as well. I just one a competition in my country which motivated me to pursue it and see where it takes me. I’m fairly young, but I do think that you can try the book called “The Write Brain”. It’s very helpful for beginners and you’ll never be stuck with it.

  2. 1) Thank you for the follow at Fear Mastery – really appreciate it, 2) Congrats on your foray into writing! Keep going! 🙂


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