(Part 1)What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

I would say the one experience that completely changed my life was in October of 2001. It was actually the day before my 14th birthday. I came home from school, got off of the bus just like any other day, grabbed the mail, headed around back and up the steps. We lived on the 3rd floor of an apartment house my father had built for us, as a home, and an investment. I didn’t notice anything different because my dad was usually still at work when I get home but, when I walked through the front door to see my mom, I was shocked to find her intoxicated and obviously celebrating. I was speechless but, managed to ask “What’s going on?” My mom smiled a big obnoxious smirk and gladly said to me “Your father had court this morning and won’t be back anytime soon.” I felt so sick to my stomach, part of me was afraid of what was going to happen to my two younger sisters and I if my dad is in prison and my mother keeps getting trashed like this. Another part of me was relieved because we wouldn’t have to live in fear of him coming home drunk, to physically and verbally abuse my mom. I guess it was just a shift of fear, I knew in my heart that the fear of my dad hurting us was the only reason my mom had mostly stayed sober over the years, Besides the occasional escapade, where she left for the grocery store with three hundred dollars and did not come back for 3 days. Those were the scariest of times because I would have to babysit my drunk dad and try to explain that mom was not there, as he is yelling and cursing for her, with my scared little sisters (ages 7-8) panicking, pleading and begging me to stay in the bedroom with them and just hide from him. I automatically jumped into mommy mode with my sister’s. My mom was always drinking or doing drugs. It wasn’t a week later, my mom let my two little sisters stay with a friend but I wanted to stay home and keep an eye on my mom, I was worried about what would happen. She made me stay in my room all night with my cousin. All I could understand at the time was that there were a few too many street like people hanging out in the kitchen by the stove. My cousin, who was more familiar with that kind of people said “They’re dealers.” I still didn’t understand the severity of the situation. It wasn’t long before I became more accustomed to those situations, unfortunately. To Be Continued…


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