“You just have an excuse for everything, don’t cha?”



My son’s father “K”, who I have been with for the past four years, is very debative and thinks he knows something about everything. I have a more “Go with the Flow” personaility. I am layed back and enjoy allowing others to speak while I listen. I do not enjoy argueing a point, if you can’t see it my way then, that’s just your perception. I understand that everyone thinks and feels differently and that is the most natural. Whenever “K” and I have a disagreement or different opinions, I just let him win because I use my energy on ideas, not so much for convincing others to understand them.


My friend “T”, who has recently come back into my life, is also very quick witted, smart, and speaks her mind. She’s intelligent, she knows what she is talking about, and has enough life experience to teach you a thing or two. So, she came over yesterday to hangout with me and “K” was home. He came in to sit and bullshit with us. It wasn’t long before those two were in one of those conversations, where they both felt strongly about their own point of view. I have never seen anyone put him in his place like she did. She called him out on his bullshit, it was insane to witness. For the past four years, I have felt like “he is always right and I am always wrong”. Thanks “T”, that shit was driving me crazy.


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