Thank You

I would like to say “Thank You” to everyone who has commented, followed, or liked my posts.

For the past ten years, I have wanted to start writing my story. for me , my legacy, and with the hope that it may encourage or help someone. I have known all this time that I had to endure certain things to grow into the woman, mother, wife, sister, and friend I am today. The problem was that I was afraid to write it. I couldn’t help but feel like “How will my mom and dad feel about it if they read it? and “Could I be truthful with myself about some of the choices that I regret?” All I can remember is feeling, is a heavy weight of anxiety and I was scared to death just thinking about the worst possible outcomes. I am not sure why, but these past few weeks I have faced a few fears, instead of avoiding them or wallowing in self-defeat. I don’t feel any fear. I feel liberated, I can relate to other’s, and I am being productive through this trial.

So, Thank you for all your support. Every like or follow shows me that I am moving in the right direction and this blog is a good thing.


One comment on “Thank You

  1. Now you’ve taken the first step, keep walking! The start is nearly always the hardest part. I used to find writing was a good release and like you, it was for me and no one else, but if it helped someone in the process, bonus! I found my old blog posts a while ago and could hardly believe it was the same person. 🙂

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