One book, two book, three book, four


creativityI was listening to a really good podcast from Mur Lafferty today #295 for anyone who listens to her (and for those who don’t I highly recommend it). She talked about how she knew people who have only ever had one project they are working on. EVER. Now, to me that seems a bizarre impossibility. The only time I’ve had one project on the go was when I started my first piece of writing. From then on it’s pieces here and there. I’d compare it to a tree. I have the main projects, a novel, short stories and a script making up the trunk. Then there’s the branches of ideas, half written musings and random stuff. The stuff to be developed or left alone as you see fit.

It just seems wierd to me that someone could have one project only as their brain child. And a spoilt brat it must…

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