Difficult REALationship

Have you ever had a friend or partner that finds any reason to be mad at you, as if you did something wrong, just so they could get out of something or wouldn’t have to take responsibility?

I have had a best friend like this growing up and when I started talking to her recently I told her, “When we were younger and you would get mad at me for no reason and not be my friend for however long, that shit really hurt me.” She said ” I think I was just testing you, to see what you would do.”

How messed up, It’s like we agree that you will cook dinner and I will clean it up but when you don’t run out to the store for me, I refuse to clean up, skip dinner, and go out with my friends.

Does this sound right? I hate this bullshit. Be straight up with people, if you don’t want to do your part, say so. If you don’t get your way, you little brat, get over it.


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