Sober vs Recovery. Anyone can be Sober…

Sobriety Checkpoint

During an online AA style meeting last night, I had a revelation that was sparked by a member’s comment. There is, he said, a real difference between being sober and being in recovery.

People in the process of quitting alcohol or any addiction usually experience both phases. Now, to anyone who has been in sobriety longer than my 56 days (one day for each of my years on earth), I am sure this is not news. But for me, it was an epiphany. So for the uninitiated: anyone can be sober, an addict can stop for a bit (it may be a day or so, or even a few hours) and sober up and not be directly under the influence. But recovery is deeper. It is difficult, reflective, a life change and one must, I repeat must, address the underlying issues that caused the addiction in the first place. If…

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