The Past Few weeks….

Everything took an unexpected turn in the past few weeks. Work had slowed to a complete stop for my husband and we had no idea when he would have work again. Meaning appointments because he is a tattoo artist. He usually does very well for our family and we live comfortably. But we went from an overwhelming amount of messages about appointments to nothing, for three weeks. He was maybe able to pull in $100 every two-three days, meanwhile the bills were coming in, the rent, electric, TV, my car insurance, his car insurance, we needed to take in the inspection tags and have the money for the official tags and since we did not have the money for that or the insurance, we had to take the tags off of my car and turn them in before accumulating some hefty fines.

My husband was so frustrated, beyond anything I have ever seen in the four years we’ve been together. I was feeling so horrible that I am not working and couldn’t guarantee a check at the end of the week. He obviously felt like the world was out to get him and that we were going to lose everything, there for minute I wasn’t sure if when the work did pick back up, he would be able to pick his self up with it. I was concerned but had a sense of peace. I knew that it was just the consequences of other things catching up to us. Even though I have been clean for a month now, I realize how bad it could have been had I not got clean when I did. I knew the Lord would take care of us and that this was a chance to gain some character and endurance. Another example of how is always working in our lives, good or bad, whether we notice Him or not. Because He loves us. Not because we deserve it and this really cleared up a lot of my feelings that He wouldn’t forgive me, I realize now that forces were at work. For Us and against us. I thank Him all the time for keeping His hand on my family. Thank you


One comment on “The Past Few weeks….

  1. Dear Hope,

    Sorry to hear the financial side is running low…but so happy to hear you are doing better and your mind is much clearer!

    How are things going with your online sales? You have alot of cute items…wish I had some extra money!!

    Hang in there, keep depending on God for your needs. I know it is very hard, but He will make a way.

    May you have a blessed evening!


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