Talking and texting just to try and stay on his mind. I miss him, want him, and I dream about his arms around me. His chest and shoulders so wide, my arms wrapped under his, trying to pull us into one. Him and I, my body melts, forcing mine on his like its the last time we’ll meet. Every ounce of excitement in my anticipation is fulfilled. It would only take a moments doubt to let my guard down, to let him in completely because with him there’s no other way.




My head tucked under your chin,

Your chest pressing warmly against my back,        

Our curves fit snug and soothe my mind,

Your arm is strong around me,Royal Purple Gentian | Albert Koetsier

And our hands intertwine.

Only if you touch just one heart….


About a week ago, I had to explain to my mother that I love her no matter what. I knew it would take effort to convince her of this, so I wrote her a long message on Facebook. Just expressing to her that I understand the depth of her hurt and how she only knows how to beat herself up because that is all she received as a child. That I forgive her for her mistakes, I love her for who she is, and I will never judge or criticize her. I told her how much I love seeing her spend time with her grandbabies and I wish she could see how much she has to live for. I know how strong she is, as she showed me how to endure. She wrote me back and said she had tears in her eyes because of what I wrote. I was able to touch her heart. Amen


I always pray for God to touch other’s hearts but, didn’t realize until tonight that I have the ability to touch hearts with expressing my words of love, encouragement, my own self-defeat, and my tiny victory’s.